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American traveler Blake Mycoskie came up with the idea to start TOMS in 2006 after he visited a village in Argentina and befriended some local children who had no shoes to wear to protect their feet. Blake thought of a way to help his new friends get a pair of shoes and that was how the idea One for One was conceived. TOMS was conceived as a company to help match every pair of shoes donated to a child in need with every pair of new shoes purchased. Over time, TOMS grew to become a company that not only matched shoes but also strived to provide other basic needs to these children in need. This was how the company launched TOMS Eyewear—to help give sight to a person in need with every pair of eyewear purchased. According to Blake, the main motivation for founding TOMS was the overwhelming spirit of the South American people who always find a way to be happy despite having so little. This spirit struck him and inspired the responsibility to do more and provide to those who are in need. At present, TOMS provides direct assistance to people in over 70 countries. The company has given over 50 million pairs of shoes to children all over the world, and customers like you contributed directly to the company’s efforts. Since the company was founded in 2006, TOMS customers have helped the company achieve an amazing fete and lay the foundation that has led to even bigger things. For instance, the amazing number of shoes given to children in need have been of different types based on the seasons and terrains and creating jobs for locals in the countries where the shoes provided to the children are made. These shoes are often distributed through humanitarian organisations whose community development programs incorporate the donation of shoes to children in need. If you are considering buying your favorite pair of shoes and wish to contribute to a worthy cause in the process, you should consider shopping at TOMS’ online retail store. Browse a wide selection of women’s men’s and children’s shoes to find your style and save money purchasing high quality products at very competitive prices. Besides shoes, you can also browse a range of bags, backpacks, and sunglasses for all occasions and uses. TOMS not only gives you the best prices for these products, you will also get to save more by redeeming discount vouchers you will find on this page simply be entering the codes at checkout. There are many ways you can play a part in changing the world, and the easiest is to help people with sight disabilities and children who lack basic footwear when you shop at TOMS. Since the company began the One for One Eyewear program in 2011, over 360,000 people have had their sight restored through TOMS Eyewear purchases. When you shop for eyeglasses, you play a role in providing medical treatment and sight saving surgeries and prescription glasses to someone in one of the 10 countries the program has been rolled out. Choose to help today by shopping at TOMS, but remember to first grab a valid discount code on this page to save money in the process.