48 Months Promotional Code: May 2022

48months discount code

48Months.ie is a new mobile network in Ireland for people aged between 18 and 22. 48 – New mobile network Get ‘All you want for €10’ month. All texts, 300 minutes to any mobile network + 1GB of internet. Get a Free SIM now. Sign up below. No 48Months discount code required.
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48 Months. New mobile network. Get All you want for €10 month.

All texts, 300 minutes to any mobile network + 1GB of internet. Get a Free SIM now.


FREE Sim Card

You need to be between the ages of 18 and 22 and live in the Republic of Ireland to qualify for a free sim.

More Information about 48Months.ie:

No need to enter any 48Months promotional code to get your free sim. Just follow the link above and then register for your free 48Months sim card.

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You can contact 48Months.ie on Facebook here.

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More Information about 48Months.ie here:
48 Months is the new generation’s independent mobile network. If you’re between 18-22 years old, you belong here!
Wouldn’t it be nice to be subscribing in a network that not only provides what you need but understands what you need at this time of your life? 48 Months understands what you need and provides what you need during these memorable years of more fun than serious!
Mobile phones are like lifelines to most of you at this stage, and it’s important that your network delivers strong signal whether you’re at school, out working, or out in a camping adventure. Your mobile phone is important that you stay connected to people that matters to you while taking the adventure of your life.
48 Months has designed plans so you can afford amidst your tight budget. For as low as €10 you can get 300 minutes of calls, all network texts and 1GB Internet. Isn’t that budget enough for you to get with your tight budget? But don’t worry; the coverage is not sacrificed at all. They use the O2 network so you’ll get the same quality. 
Order your Free SIM with 48 Months now, if you want to experience exceptional coverage at low low price! 

Join a new mobile network in Ireland specified for your age group. This means that they offer affordable calls and texts subscriptions for as low as €10 amonth.

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