Cornerstone Ireland Discount Code: May 2022

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More Information about Cornerstone Ireland:

If you are suffering from a sensitive skin, shaving can be just a little more complicated process than others. Choosing the right products to use for you shaving needs is the priority. This is what Cornerstone understands.

Cornerstone started with a dream to offer the best possible shaving experience for men. Creating the most thoughtful product in the market that aims comfortable and smooth shave especially for those who have sensitive skin.

The company sourced the most talented designers, discerning chemists and experienced craftsmen to create a remarkable product. A great team work with a world-class team is the key to successfully bringing a concept to reality.

Cornerstone offers a subscription plan that is flexible for you. The moment you sign up, you can choose the products you need and the frequency of receiving the products depends on the frequency of your shaving.

The process of signing up will just take two minutes and will only need your payment information and delivery address to complete the sign up process. You can definitely sign up from your computer, tablet or phone.

Inside the package, you will receive, five super sharp German-engineered blades. It’s mounted on a flexible head with aloe vera strip that moisturizes your skin. The razor is designed to closely follow the contours of your face, designed to reduce sensitive skin irritation. This design leaves your face and skin smooth and moisturized.

Along with the razor comes pre and post shaving essential creams. The pre-shaving facial scrub helps prevent nicks, cuts and bumps. Formulated with cedar wood and volcanic sand exfoliating grands, it reduces ingrown hairs, shaving spots, pores and removes dead skin cells. This leaves your skin smooth and clearer.

Shaving gel is specifically formulated to protect sensitive skin from razor burn. It has eucalyptus oil and ginger extract blends to give a comfortable and irritation-free shaving experience.

The post shave balm leaves your skin cool, refreshed and moisturized. It helps restore your skin’s natural moisture eliminating a chance of irritation. It’s blended with mint and honey extracts that leaves the skin soothe and conditioned.

You get all of these in your monthly subscription that starts at £14 when you sign up. Shipping is free.

Cornerstone has everything a man needs for a smooth and comfortable shave. Order yours now.

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